Will your venue be ready to operate Covid Safely?

The Hospo industry is about to come alive again and it’s about time! 

Top of mind for every operator is “are we ready to operate in a covid safe way and what does that even look like?”

The AFS Group are preferred training partner of the R&CA and have been managing venues in the area of safety and compliance for over 33 years with a proven record in delivering Covid solutions.  We have a hospitality specific training courses for your staff and a range of solutions to ensure you are ready to operate smoothly.  The AFS Group is the perfect partner to guide you on this journey so you can focus on getting your venue open for business!

Here is your checklist for an open safe plan

  • Do you have in place a Covid Management plan that will ensure that you have the best possible chance to keep the doors open?
  • What records do you need to keep?
  • How will you verify your guest information?
  • What are your legal obligations to staff and patrons?
  • Are you equipped with the type of questions and conversations to ensure your venue and staff are operating Covid Safe?
  • Are your staff trained and confident in how to deal with Covid situations?
  • Will you need one or more Covid Marshals?

AFS have got you covered with Covid Safe Solutions:

  • Covid Marshal training
  • Covid Compliance training
  • Conflict de-escalation training
  • Covid Marshals
  • Covid Guest Management service
  • Compliant Signage
  • PPE kits and audits
  • Rapid Antigen screening

Get in touch to day to ensure you are Covid Safe