Undercover Superheroes! Australian-grown hand-picked Swiss brown and button mushrooms.

Tired of mushrooms being unappreciated, left out of trolleys, picked out of pasta, and cast aside from pizzas, Australia’s largest mushroom grower, Costa has taken the initiative to become the spokesperson for the delicacy that is the locally grown, hand picked mushroom, and making sure Australian mushrooms earn their rightful place on our plates.

With mushroom farms in SA, Victoria and WA, Mush-Boom ensures that these babies have the ultimate conditions – from cultivating the spawn, to making nutrient rich compost, to packaging and distribution – supplying us with Australia’s best quality swiss brown and button mushrooms within 24 hours of harvest!

Mush-Boom is on a mission to ensure Australian mushrooms take their rightful place front and center of dishes – from veggie burgers, punching poke bowls, pickled in salads, bulking spaghetti sauce and topping steaks, they aspire to cafe goers replacing their smashed avo for a ‘mush toast’. We are entering the era of the mushroom!

Unleashing these ‘undercover superheroes’ Mush-Boom wants to see Australians thrive from the health benefits of the unassuming, humble little fungi. Packed with B2, B3, B5, Zinc, and antioxidants, they’re a staple of a balanced and nutritious diet.

And debunking the old myth that mushrooms are for winter, Mush-Boom is inspiring our chefs and consumers by showcasing the mushroom’s versatility. From soba noodle salad with teriyaki mushrooms, to French onion mushroom cob, it’s proving that the flavour possibilities of mushrooms really are endless.

Summer salad recipe inspiration

We’re excited to see the creative and innovative ways that the industry features these tasty little morsels into their dishes.

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