SIGN THE PETITION – Student Visa Holders

International students are being forced into underemployment from 1 July 2023.
We need your help to overturn this .

From 1 July 2023, the Federal Government is forcing student visa holders into underemployment by reducing their ability to work, to only 24 hours per week.

In this current skills shortage and cost of living crisis, this decision is disastrous for employees who are forced into underemployment, our businesses who need staff and the Australian economy.

Restaurant & Catering Australia is advocating for our members, employees in the hospitality industry and employers, and we need your support by signing and sharing this petition to:

  • Abolish working limits for student visa holders
  • Retain the ability for students visa holders to increase their hours in response to the cost of living crisis
  • Stop the forced underemployment for student visa holders who want to increase their hours

I own/manage a hospitality venue
I am an employee at a hospitality venue
My venue is a member of R&CA

Please note, R&CA may be in contact regarding our advocacy efforts on your behalf.