Struggling to find a food supplier that’s right for you?


Finding a new food supplier is a daunting task and one that can take a long time. Here are 3 important things to consider when searching for new wholesale food suppliers, plus they’re all really quick and easy to do with our new wholesale ordering partner – Foodbomb!

1) Minimum orders & product range – Make sure you pick a supplier that has a range of products that will enable you to easily hit the minimum order with. A manageable minimum order amount will avoid you over-ordering a small product range to simply meet these amounts.

2) Delivery days & times – The importance of a wholesale food supplier’s delivery days and time will very much depend on your individual situation. If storage and or freshness is a major issue for your foodservice venue, then ensure that deliveries to your area are available as frequently as you need it.

3) Price – While price equals quality for some products (like Wagyu beef), there are several other factors that will influence a supplier’s wholesale price, such as:

  • Quantity – Greater volumes are the easiest way to get better pricing. If you’re buying large quantities of a specific product, speak to your supplier rep or if you’re with Foodbomb – your Account Manager will be able to help you organise competitive custom pricing from all your suppliers.
  • Order less frequently – This may seem counterintuitive however if you’re able to order larger quantities less frequently then your wholesale food supplier may be able to offer more competitive pricing given the reduced delivery costs.

Another good way to find the right food suppliers is to open a free account with Foodbomb. Their team can help you do a free audit of your current food costs, consolidate your ordering onto one platform AND sort out custom volume pricing!

Did we mention we’ve managed to secure you 10% off all your orders for your first 45 days? That’s 10% off all your fruit and veg, meat, poultry, dry goods, cleaning supplies and more for 45 days, so make sure you use the link below to get your discount code on registration!

Foodbomb is an online platform that allows you to do all your supplier comparisons and ordering in one transaction – without picking up the phone or sending an email. With their intelligent online marketplace, you’re able to easily order your wholesale supplies from some of Australia’s top wholesale suppliers – all in one place! 

See what some of their customers have to say: 

“Foodbomb has been a real difference-maker for us, we’re saving more than we ever thought we could… Everything we need is right in front of us, and they are always happy to help us out with any questions we have. It’s been amazing”

Chris Hulum, Hunter Gatherer

“Foodbomb is a revolutionary platform that has given buying power back to small businesses like mine.”

Darshan Shrestha, The Giant Bean

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