Permission to play music at a restaurant or cafe

The Restaurant and Catering Association supports the legal rights of music creators – under the Copyright Act (1968) – to be paid when their music is played in our members’ premises.

A licence from our Sponsor OneMusic Australia provides permission for restaurants and cafes to play the vast majority of the music heard on radio, TV, music-streaming services as well as music that is bought online or bought from a retailer. (Even if you pay a music-streaming service to provide your music a licence is still required).  Licence fees form royalty income which are paid out direct to music creators.


Restaurants and cafes with background music coming from a music streaming service can secure a licence from less than $220 a quarter. A range of custom options based on your choice of music device, whether you have live music performers from time to time and other factors apply.

Music licensing is as crucial as any other service and legal requirement that your business needs to arrange. Failure to comply may result in legal action.

A simple online tool makes getting your licence easy or contact us at for assistance.