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Australia’s peak industry body. Established by restaurants and café operators. Operating for over 100 years. Exists to support the industry by sharing information, saving money and lobbying government. Run by its members for members.

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Industry Updates and Exclusive Networking Events
Industry Updates and Exclusive Networking EventsLimited AccessSpecial AccessFull AccessFull Access
Hospo Business Tools & Resources
Hospo Business Tools & ResourcesLimited AccessSpecial AccessFull Access Full Access
Discounted Nomination in R&CA Awards for Excellence
Discounted Nomination in R&CA Awards for Excellence
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IR Advice & Hotline
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Access R&CA Exclusive Member Benefits
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Training Academy Offers
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What we do

R&CA is committed to ensuring the industry is recognised as one of excellence, professionalism, profitability, and sustainability. This includes advocating the broader social and economic contribution of the sector to industry and government stakeholders, as well as highlighting the value of the restaurant experience to the public.


Restaurant & Catering Australia (R&CA) exists to be the single source of truth for the Restaurant, Cafe and Catering sector. To our members and also to the broader industry & governments right across Australia.


R&CA strives to be the “Industry Warrior” ensuring that a thriving hospitality industry remains part of the fabric of the Australian Society and remains a formidable Association as we grow members.

Hear what our members have to say about R&CA:

What our Members say

It will be 3 years as a member this year. Money well spent.
However there are 3 particular people who have really put themselves forward in assisting our business.
Fiona in QLD is amazing! Her wealth of knowledge and industry contacts assisted us in maintaining our business over the past 12 months (lockdowns etc). Graham from the training team is of great assistance in working on my own industry development as well as provide guidance for my apprentices (It’s great to see a chef proactive in these areas). Victor from HR/Legal helped us greatly with the IR changes and contracts to ensure compliancy. Well done, it has been great to work with you.

American Bourbon Bar

If you’re in the hospitality business and are not a member……’ve got no idea and no hope. The go-to people for everything hospitality.

Info Allegro

I have been a member and involved with RCA for more than 40 years. They have represented my business/employer interests in such a positive way – and in a way I would never have been able to do by myself. Whilst no longer a restaurateur, I have been very impressed by the representation that RCA has achieved over this extremely difficult last 12 months. There is still a great deal to be done – and the Industry as we know it – is under a severe challenge to its very existence. Only as a combined Industry can we hope that our concerns can be fully understood. Get involved and protect such a vital and important component of modern life.

Michael Fischer