Insurance broker proves value

insurance broker

When a Hobart café owner returned a less than glowing score on a client advocacy survey, his insurance broker decided to pay him a visit. 

Over a cup of coffee Dan Quintin, Gallagher Hobart Branch Manager, ironed out the workers’ compensation issues that had prompted the feedback, and asked if there was anything more Gallagher could do for the business.

The owner’s business insurance was due for renewal and Quintin jumped on the opportunity to quote on a Gallagher SmartProtect Business policy. “When speaking with the owner, it soon became apparent that our business package would both benefit his business and protect his bottom line,” he says. Quintin was able to talk to the owner about these 3 key features: 

  • The $1,000,000 stock/contents sum insured safety net for no extra cost
  • The ability to pay the premiums monthly with no extra cost
  • The user-friendly Business Income protection cover (that he subsequently claimed upon in 2019 – see below) 

 “I made him an offer and he accepted it,” Quintin says, adding that from that from then on he regularly calls in for a coffee and a chat, which keeps him apprised of developments, such as the purchase of two coffee vans set up with espresso machines in the back.

Some 18 months later the café owner parked one of the vans on an incline and forgot to put the handbrake on—these things do happen!

insurance broker

His Gallagher SmartProtect Business policy covered the claim for damage but when he took the van to an approved repairer he was told it would have to be sent to Melbourne for the espresso machine to be demounted, returned to Hobart for repairs and driven back to Melbourne for reinstallation, with a repeat journey back to Tasmania—and on top of that the quote was steep.

The café owner called Quintin, who reached out to other Gallagher clients who had repair works done in Hobart and was able to obtain an alternative quote for repairs to the van without deinstallation of the espresso machine—and for half of the original quote.

After the van was repaired the café owner wanted to claim business interruption for the time it was off the road, but encountered some technical difficulties with making the claim. Quintin intervened again and succeeded in securing a payout for the business’s lost revenue.

Experience personalised Gallagher service for yourself

Gallagher is the endorsed insurance broker for the Restaurant and Caterers Association. Whether you need policy advice, practical guidance with risk mitigation or help with obtaining the optimum result from a claim, at Gallagher we are committed to going the extra distance to ensure you receive the service you need. Just contact one of our business experts in your area.