How to Set Your Team Culture Right

Are you a venue owner struggling with time, money and fun in your venue?

Usually, when we stop having fun inside our venue, it’s for one of three reasons:

● Time: We’re working too much and we’re not enjoying life.

● Money: We’re not making the money that we want causing financial pressure, which adds to the stress we already have.

● Team: It’s dealing with our team and trying to get them to do what we employ them to do.

So what can we do to fix this? Well, it’s called Building The Campfire and it’s simple training to generate more time, more money and more fun in your venue! We know that our team, when performing right, can help us make more money and free up a lot of our time. The idea of this training is to gather our team around the campfire and when it’s done correctly, our team will keep the flame alive for us and we just come along and monitor. So there’s four steps to holding a campfire successfully in our venue.

Step 1: Call our team meeting.

Step 2: Let our team know the ‘Why’ it’s vital for the venue to shift and change.

Step 3: Explain to our team that we’re going to introduce a different competition every single week.

Step 4: Set a prize.

If you want to learn more about Building The Campfire and how to implement these 4 simple steps, head to this link to view the full training: .

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