How Doshii & Lightspeed saved Sixpenny 15 minutes per service.

Doshii’s direct app-to-POS integration saves 3-hatted fine dining spot Sixpenny 15-20 minutes per service – what could we save you?

Sixpenny has been a mainstay of Sydney’s fine dining scene for over a decade. Settled in a Stanmore terrace house, the Sixpenny team have never rested on their laurels, continuing to innovate and strive to serve excellence at every sitting.

For such a popular, crowd-pleasing venue, adding Doshii and Qlub integration with the Lightspeed POS has meant the Sixpenny team can spend less time with tech and more time creating a magical customer experience.

Their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Regularly appearing on several “Best of the City and State” lists, they were recently recognised by the Good Food Guide as one of only two restaurants in New South Wales (alongside Quay, with its picturesque, Harbourside views) to have earned the institutions highest honour – three chef’s hats.

Join the Qlub

Meanwhile, Qlub – a hospocentric payment app – seamlessly integrates into their point-of-sale with Doshii, ensuring that the last touchpoint they have with customers is a memorable one. A payment solution designed with customers in mind, Qlub allows diners to simply tap their phone on a beautiful, custom-designed payment card when the bill magically pops up on their phone at the end of their meal. It also allows them to split and pay in seconds, instantly closing the order on Sixpenny’s point-of-sale.

“The key benefit is a more efficient payment system in terms of experience for the guest and also in terms of back of house” says Sixpenny’s manager, George Papaioannou.

Saving Valuable Time

Papaioannou estimates that the POS integration with Doshii, Qlub and Lightspeed saves Sixpenny approximately 15-20 minutes at the end of every service.

“One of the busier times at a restaurant is when a service ends and there are quite a lot of bills to go to the table. Having a whole restaurant that wants their bill at the same time can be quite a big task to complete. But with this system, multiple bills can get processed at the same time without having to rely on one EFTPOS terminal for the whole restaurant. It definitely does make it more seamless.”

Qlub has also yielded unexpected bonuses – especially when it comes to tipping and user experience. “Qlub has allowed people that we may not usually see leave a gratuity, maybe leave a smaller one because there are pre-set amounts so they don’t have to figure it out, they just have to press a button”, says Papaianou.

With a menu packed with inspired dishes and a waiting list as long as your arm, Sixpenny is still going strong after more than a decad – because, like Papaianou’s personal favourite flavour combo (“McDonald’s fries and soft serve!”) – it just works.

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