Here is the TOP FACTOR to consider in your combi-steamer oven research!

Shopping for a commercial combi-steamer oven can be an overwhelming and sometimes confusing task. With the amount of brands offering different types of combi-steamer ovens, with a large variance of prices, how can you confidently decide on and justify the financial investment?

There is a crucial factor to consider, and should be on your checklist, when researching combi-steamer ovens…

How do combi-steamer ovens generate steam?

There are two popular methods of generating steam in combi-steamer ovens:

  1. Internal Steam Generator, boiler powered; and
  2. Water Injection Generator, non-boiler powered

Boiler powered steam generation is the premium grade of steam generation compared to non-boiler powered steam.

Why does it matter how the steam is generated?

The method of steam generation dictates the time it takes to generate steam, the quality of the steam, the volume of steam generated, and the cooking methods it can accommodate.

Steam generated by a boiler, produces a genuine saturated steam that can be used in more methods of steaming and delivery. This means even the most delicate of food products can be cooked in these types of ovens.

Boiler generated steam takes a bit longer to generate, but once ready, delivers a high-quality saturated steam that maintains a stable cavity temperature.

Non-boiler powered combi ovens – whilst cheaper and faster to generate steam – do not create the same level of quality steam and result in less stable cavity temperatures.

Where the quality of the finished dish is of utmost importance, it is best to choose a boiler powered combi-steamer oven!

Giorik Steambox Combi Oven has both boiler and injected steam?

The Giorik Steambox Evolution combi oven range is the premium choice in boiler powered combi-steamer ovens, whilst also being a price efficient combi option.

The Steambox Evolution includes Giorik’s unique compact boiler, utilising the Giorik patented Symbiotic Steam System and Steam Tuner cooking technologies to produce amazing results.

Other features include a large 9” touch screen with intuitive programming, rack control, automatic descaling and convenient tablet cleaning.

The Steambox Evolution is available in a range of sizes, with electric and gas models available.