Give your customers real taste of travel with the Flavours of the World range

Give your customers real taste of travel with the Flavours of the World range 

Australia’s rich multicultural influences is reflected in our appetite for global flavours and cuisine. With travel loving Aussies grounded, they are looking for new ways to experience the world now more than ever.

The Flavours of the World range lets you take diners on a journey to the four corners of the earth, all from the comfort of your venue. With Mediterranean, Asian and American cuisines sitting as the highest influences on ‘Modern Australian’ menus, each flavour opens up a new world for them, as well as new opportunities for you.

‘Modern Australian’ Menus

As Australia grows in cultural diversity, so too does Australians’ expectations and hunger for authentic international flavours. The next generation of diners are looking for dishes that transport them on a culinary journey, to step out of their comfort zones and try something new. Whether you’re putting a spin on a classic menu item or pushing your creativity by experimenting and combining two or more cuisines into one dish, our range equips you to create flavour-packed knockout dishes to give your customers a real taste of travel.

“Modern Australian menus are about fusion and combining many flavours on the one plate.” – Executive Chef, Nestlé Professional, Mark Clayton.

“The challenges in embracing global flavour trends are know-how and access to seasonal or specific ingredients to recreate these flavours authentically and consistently. Our range supports chefs by making it easy to incorporate these trending global flavours across menus”  

Introducing the Flavours of the World range

Transport your diners to the Streets of Asia

With Asian cuisine being one of the largest influences on Modern Australian menus, authentic Asian flavours are easy to achieve with the MAGGI TASTE OF ASIA and HAOJI ranges of sauces, pastes and oils.

Developed from authentic Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese, Sichuan, Malaysian and Kashmiri recipes, the range has numerous recipe applications that work perfectly to make your seasonal produce pop, right off the plate!

Take on the Americas

If you’re looking to bring fully loaded American and Mexican flavours to your Australian consumers, try our small batch crafted MAGGI TASTE OF AMERICAS sauces for experimental burgers, slow cooked meats, fried delights and loaded… everything!

Taste classic Mediterranean flavours

Looking to champion standout dishes with authentic Mediterranean flavours?

Made from the ripest and juiciest tomatoes, our BUITONI range of finished tomato sauces has been crafted and handpicked by the team at Casa BUITONI in the Tuscan countryside. Ready to use so you can save time in the kitchen without compromising on great taste and quality.

With this wide a range of global flavours and more, take your dishes to the next level and be inspired to give your diners a real taste of travel!

Craving for more inspiration?

For more recipe inspirations or more information on the range, visit and turn your menu into a destination today!