EP #19 – Working and Walking Together

The clue is in the name of innovative South Australian company Edible Reconciliation. Formed by a dynamic Adelaide-based duo whose range of skills and expertise have combined to form a business of impeccable values that also value adds, Dominic Smith & Andrew Fielke aim to not only support and empower indigenous communities but introduce local food to the broader Australian population.

Dominic, a Yuin man, presently grows Wattle, Lemon Myrtles, Muntries, Bush Tomatoes, Quandongs, River Mint, Sea Celery, Sea Parsley & Holy Basil, ingredients which are unfamiliar to most Australians but shouldn’t be. Meanwhile Andrew, a chef, has long believed a true Australian cuisine must include native flavours and when the pair met, Edible Reconciliation was born. The result of the collaboration has included a line of lamingtons and popcorn showcasing the flavours of Geraldton Wax, Anise Myrtle, Wattle Seed & Lemon Myrtle. 

In a conversation with Tawnya and Lucy from Straight To The Source that ranges from bush medicines and culture, to the potential for the company to branch out to botanicals and cosmetic extracts, listen to Dominic & Andrew discuss their company’s future helping to build indigenous supply chains, ‘working and walking’ together with indigenous farmers, returning benefits to their communities and aiming for generational change.