EP #15 – Turning Seafood Waste to Success

Three years ago Shawnee Fox was a mature aged student embarking on her BSc in Aquaculture. Today, she is at the helm of her own newly created and internationally expanding business.

Southern Kuya is the result of Shawnee’s aquaculture thesis, the company taking a no waste, sustainable & environmental approach to gourmet seafood snack foods.

Aimed at the health conscious wishing to replace meat in their diet at an affordable price point, the Southern Kuya range includes candy cured yellowtail kingfish, BBQ rub octopus, abalone & tuna. Protein rich & with omega 3, these are packaged to have an extended shelf life. Fox’s aim is also to expand to the areas of nutraceuticals & pharmaceuticals and Southern Kuya has just started to develop powdered collagen, protein & calcium taken from previously discarded fish skin & bones.

Internationally there is strong  interest in the nutraceutical & pharmaceutical possibilities due to world-wide shortages. Southern Kuya, in operation for only one year, is now planning to upscale its operations to cater for expansion.

This South Australian success story, however, is about more than just business. It’s about inclusivity. Its name (meaning fish) is an acknowledgement of the help given to Fox by local indigenous communities. In turn, Fox is keen for indigenous involvement in Southern Kuya.

Listen to Shawnee Fox in conversation with Lucy and Tawnya and be inspired.