Doshii slashes ~20% off Porch & Parlour’s labour costs

Bringing it All Together

Porch & Parlour is a veritable Bondi institution, serving up quality coffee and mouth watering breakfasts and lunches to hungry beach-goers for 15 years now. Priding itself on being more a “home away from home” than a hospitality venue, they dreamed of attracting the creative and curious of all stripes through their door – and with Doshii’s help, these small business owners are finding it easier than ever.

The Doshii Difference

“[Doshii] has been a life saver,” says venue manager Phill Cooke. “We were wasting so much time re-entering all the orders and now it is all automatic! We have managed to cut one shift off each day just from orders being managed by Doshii. Also as a result of the automatic flow of orders we have zero human errors from re-entering them!”

In addition to saving time, POS integration into Uber Eats – as well as DoorDash – has also had a big impact on Porch & Parlour’s bottom line.

“We look at Uber Eats and DoorDash as sort of an extension of our restaurant,” Cooke explains. “Obviously they take a commission, but you don’t pay rent on those seats. On a Saturday and Sunday, we probably get an extra twenty or thirty orders.

“Those twenty or thirty extra covers add up to quite a substantial amount of revenue. And Doshii brings that all together.”

Riding the Hospo-Tech Wave

The ability for customers to order at their own convenience has also led to big savings when it comes to staffing needs with approximately 20% savings in labour costs per shift. “We’re able to have one less member of staff on per day,” says Cooke. “It’s been a lot easier to meet our weekly budget.”

Prior to their tech adoption and integration, Cooke reckons Porch and Parlour were missing out on “a massive piece of the market,” by not having pickup & delivery options available. “In Bondi, a lot of people want to get breakfast delivered, especially on the weekend. People have been out the night before and want their food delivered.”

The Bottom Line

As in hospitality in general, Porch and Parlour is confident that, for them at least, apps are here to stay. “We’ll definitely look to take on more apps as we move into the quieter months,” says Cooke. “Every app has a different market unto itself and that’s great for us to tap into. Any apps that integrate with Doshii, we’ll be looking to partner with.”

That glowing endorsement underscores the value Doshii has been able to bring to Cooke and his team. Because, like coconut and coffee (a Porch and Parlour favourite!) it just works.

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