Doshii saves Shuk $30,000 per year

“We were wasting $600 per week managing the flow of online orders from apps into the kitchen.”

Thanks to Doshii, Shuk are streamlining their tech, creating efficiencies and saving serious money.

In Israel, The Shuk is the local marketplace; where local produce is enjoyed by local people. Since opening 7 years ago in Sydney’s Bondi, Shuk café is not dissimilar.

Today, the café has expanded to include venues in Chatswood and Elizabeth Bay, as well as a catering business and online shop. Shuk’s unique in that it’s a bakery and café in the morning, restaurant in the evening, and a catering business and wholesaler all week long.

For owner Yoni Kalfus, and partners Ariel Hefer and German Sanchez, this expansion took some juggling and each new sales channel required its own tech to help grow its revenue. But managing this melting pot of technology came with its own challenges.

“I just wanted things to be more seamless and flow, but there were too many moments in the journey when something could go wrong,” said Yoni.

Keeping the plates spinning at Shuk.

Before integrating with Doshii, Impos and Order Up, roughly 10% of Shuk’s total orders per day came from online channels. This wasn’t enough for Yoni to justify a team member dedicated to managing online sales and re-entering orders into their POS. It simply meant more work for everyone, and more chance of error.

The business also received a lot of online catering orders but there was no automated way to get an order from the website to the kitchen quickly, often relying on Yoni himself to pass through the order into the POS and kitchen dockets.

“The technology we were using to grow our business – our apps and our website – were actually causing more problems than they were new opportunities. Having to manually rekey orders saw quite a lot of errors crop up and more importantly, it was just a time-zapper. We were easily wasting $600 per week, so $30k a year, just having people manage the flow of online orders from apps and the website into the kitchen” added Yoni.

“Now, there’s no need to do anything other than accept the order.” Yoni Kalfus

Shuk now uses Doshii to get all their different tech talking and things are working seamlessly.

The venue’s key ordering apps are directly integrated into Impos saving huge labour costs and operational headaches. During Covid-19 lockdowns this was even more important as the business operated predominantly as a wholesaler.

“Having Order Up connected directly into Impos was critical,’ says Yoni.

“Doshii is absolutely fantastic. Now, there’s no need to do anything other than accept the order. Ultimately online ordering isn’t my entire business, but it’s a really important part to get right. Doshii has helped me get it working within my business model, not fighting against it like I was before the integrations.”

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