Choose European Modular Equipment for your Commercial Kitchen

For over 100 years, Europe has been the experts in innovation of professional cooking equipment. These innovations are often taken for granted when fitting out a professional culinary space. Modular cooking equipment is a major category in which Europe is an innovator, with manufacturers outside of Europe attempting to replicate.

Modular cooking equipment from Europe is the preferred choice for modern commercial kitchens. The appliances are aesthetically sharp and pleasing, whilst also delivering the latest technologies, and the lowest sustainable footprint without substituting performance or results.

The Giorik 700 & 900 Modular Series is a great choice for kitchens of all sizes and functions, with a wide range of available cooking equipment. Giorik Modular offers sleek and modern solutions, packed with unique features and technology.

What makes Giorik 700 & 900 Modular Series stand out from competitors in the market?

You might be asking – why should I choose Giorik 700 & 900 Modular Series instead of other comparable products on the market? Here’s a few reasons why:

Brand Reputation

Giorik is a globally recognised and trusted brand that has been manufacturing commercial cooking equipment since 1963. Giorik appliances are used daily in commercial kitchens around the world.


The Giorik 700 & 900 Modular Series features a sleek and modern European design with a seamless profile.

Tried and Tested

The Giorik 700 & 900 Modular Series has been built and tested to Australian Standards and is made to withstand challenging kitchen conditions.

Made to Withstand Spills and Accidents

The Giorik Modular cooktop design features hermetically sealed, pressed work surfaces with raised edges, which protects internals from accidental impacts and overflows. Giorik Modular products have an IPX-5 Waterproof rating – protected for the harshest kitchens.

Gas Burner Innovation and Gas Safety

Giorik 700 & 900 Modular Series gas cooktops have the largest open flame efficient burners available in any European modular appliance, with solid components to deliver extreme protection and robustness. All gas units are fitted with safety thermocouples as standard, to shut off the gas flow when the pilot goes out.

Industry-First Offerings

The Giorik 700 & 900 Modular Series includes split pan fryer models in 400mm width, in electric or gas, competing with imperial appliances. Giorik also has the largest selection of traditional solid-tops/ target-tops in Australia.

Traditionally European modular equipment is supplied with a separate “top” and “base”. Giorik is the first European brand sold in Australia that offers combined units to make setup easier, efficient, and seamless.

The Giorik Modular Warranty

All Giorik 700 and 900 Modular Series appliances are backed by a 24-month parts and labour warranty.

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