Checking your energy bill could help save your business thousands of dollars.

Energy partner Make it Cheaper answers some of the most common energy FAQs.

Energy FAQ #1: Am I on a good plan?

Knowing if you’re on a good plan means understanding your business needs and usage. Grab your last energy bill and check your tariffs, daily supply charge and any discounts and you can compare against other offers. If you’re not sure about how to read your bill, click here for our guide.

  • Energy FAQ #2: How long does a contract last?

A business energy contract generally lasts 24 months. After that your contract might switch to the default market offer, this is the annual maximum total amount (called a reference price) set by Government regulators. If you haven’t looked at your plan in a long time there’s a chance you’re paying too much. 

  • Energy FAQ #3: Can I break my contract?

Typically, most small and medium business accounts have no or very low exit fees. So, it could pay off to switch to a new energy deal. 

If you’re large energy user, then you will face exit fees. But you might be able to renegotiate with your retailer, or lock in a competitive rate for the future.  

  • Energy FAQ #4: I feel like my bill isn’t right, how can I get a meter reading?

Received a shock bill or something doesn’t look quite right? Call your energy retailer and arrange for someone to come and read your meter to make sure there hasn’t been a mistake.  

  • Energy FAQ #5: How can I get better energy deal?

Shop around to look for a better energy deal – or save time and use the Make it Cheaper comparison service. 

Our energy advisers will compare your current energy plan with the rates offered by our panel of over ten retailers to find you a better deal. Get started today by clicking here and upload your latest energy bill. 

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