For years, the hospitality industry in Australia has been plagued with high competition and small margins, with some owners working a whole lot of hours with not a lot of money left for themselves at the end of the week.

It has been an industry where we’ve seen such a large separation from the players who are doing extremely well to the ones who are struggling, these owners often telling themselves it will be ok. 

Some of whom, to be frank, probably should not be in the industry in the first place. 

However, COVID-19, has now forced so many venues to “Pivot” – the buzz word of 2020.

The arrival of Job Keeper allowed so many venues to stop and reassess what has been happening over the years. 

For some venue owners the “Pivot” has shown them how much more profitable their business can be, how they could have been doing business differently and how if they considered a different model than the norm, things could have been far different up until now.

What have we seen over the past 4 months, is venues being forced to shut down, turn into takeaway models, delivery models, and then reopening into scale back service standards. The “Pivot”.  

With many of our members, we’ve noticed a significant increase in profits simply due to the fact that they now have control gained back control over the customers in their venue. They like so many, are no longer throwing an open sign out the front and waiting for people to come in. 

Instead they have scaled back opening hours and seating capacity, noticed who’s dining in and how they’re dining in and what these people are spending. It’s made them reassess their menus and forced them to move quicker than what they ever have before.

Right now, the opportunity in this industry is great, even though for some it doesn’t feel that way and it’s certainly going to get harder before it gets easier with this second wave of cases.

However, for now this is a profitable industry and if the industry sticks together through this and stands together to maintain this control as a collective, the other side of COVID could see the turn around that everyone has been hoping for a long time. 

If you are a venue owner, right now the best thing you can do is make sure you use this time to drive lasting change in not only your venue, but your life. Now is your chance.

Our members are now locking in these changes for the long term and they are focusing on three key areas – People, Profit, Promotion.

We know when a venue does these three things well it sets them up for long term success. 

At Foodie Coaches, we tie these areas together with StructureSupport and Strategies to help venue owners make more money, while working less hours. Of course, at the core of everything is YOU. Without a commitment to your own growth and knowledge nothing happens. If you want to take a step in the right direction here’s 3 ways you can do that right now…

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