Advieh saves 30 seconds per order with Doshii integration.

Advieh implemented Mr Yum & Doshii during COVID-19 but quickly saw the long-term benefits of digital ordering and POS integration.

Old school operator with new school savings.

Advieh and Advi’s Falafels implemented Mr Yum & Doshii to help during COVID-19 but quickly saw the long-term benefits of digital ordering and POS integration.

Ask any Melburnian who happens to live on the westside: Advieh and Advi’s Falafels are institutions. The middle-eastern and mediterranean inspired cafés have been providing vegan and vegetarian fare to locals for over 10 years.

Gene, who founded the business with his mother Sandra, describes himself as an ‘old school operator’. Despite this, Gene leant into technology during 2020 and quickly saw the benefits of digital ordering in a socially-restricted Melbourne.

Gene decided to use Mr Yum & Doshii to facilitate at-table ordering and takeaways during COVID-19 restrictions. Initially it was Gene’s motivation to increase customer safety and hygiene that led him to Mr Yum, but by connecting it with Doshii, Gene is thrilled with the added benefit of keeping things efficient and easy to manage.

With Doshii, Mr Yum seamlessly connects to Gene’s POS, Impos, helping Gene to save on costs & resources whilst improving customer satisfaction and safety.

Gene says, “In a traditional way it takes around 30 seconds from both the customer and member of staff to complete an order end to end. But with the Mr Yum and Doshii integration, once the order is complete and payment is made, the order’s sent directly to the POS via Doshii and prints out at the relevant area, reducing costs associated with staff and resulting in faster orders.”

“Often we have large groups of customers and it’s so much easier to manage via Mr Yum and Doshii. So I came for the contactless ordering due to COVID-19 safety rules, but stayed for the long-term business benefits.”

With more time and smoother systems in place, Advieh is serving up seamlessness in every transaction – with a little help from Doshii.

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