5 ways to grow orders on Bopple

Bopple is committed to helping businesses innovate by adopting table ordering and driving takeaway, here are some free resources you can deploy within minutes…

1. Table Ordering & Contactless Ordering

Good news! Bopple already supports Table Ordering, to start offering this service you need to sign into Venue Manager to turn it on. The steps can be viewed here under ‘Table Service Settings’.

Take it one step further and go contactless by setting up your Table Ordering URL then generating a QR code linked to your Bopple unique menu URL.

i. Locate your venue menu URL from the sidebar in Venue Manager [underneath venue status] it will look like this >> https://bopple.app/menu/4954

ii. Add the following parameter to the URL:?order_type=deliver_table so using the example above it would look like >> https://bopple.app/menu/4954?order_type=deliver_table

Copy that URL into QR Monkey to generate your QR Code and print onto decals for your tables or movable signage like table talkers. Add instructions on how to use the code to view the menu [hover your phone camera over it] as the final step to going contactless.

Example copy:

‘Next time you want to place an order hover your phone camera over the QR code to view our contactless menu – it’s never been easier order & pay’

2. Enable self-delivery

Deploy your staff to deliver orders to new and existing customers. Bopple lets you set your delivery range, delivery fee and minimum order amount to ensure you keep your margins in-house and leverage your roster. You can switch off delivery at any time in Venue Manager and with 0% commission, the additional revenue stays in your business.

Example social copy:

‘We’re trialling delivery within a 2km radius, order ahead via Bopple to get tonight’s dinner to your door https://bopple.app/menu/1111

3. Drive takeaway orders

While dine-in numbers are still limited the best way to optimize your revenue is to encourage ordering takeaway, especially to those who miss out on table bookings. You can increase the number of customers you can service by offering pickup so keep driving this as an alternative through your channels with the menu link.

Example social copy:

‘Missed out on a table tonight? Don’t forget we offer takeaway through Bopple so you can still get your fix. Order via https://bopple.app/menu/1111

4. Harness your social media followers

Add a link to your Bopple menu in your Instagram bio and at the end of your Facebook posts to make it easy for your followers to place their order. With only a few screen taps or clicks to access your menu, more customers can browse & order without leaving your page.

To locate your unique venue URL, follow the same steps as above:

  1. Sign into manager.bopple.me
  2. Under venue status you will see ‘Your Unique Menu Link: https://bopple.app/menu/1111

Example social copy:

‘Step 1: Say it’s your turn to cook.

Step 2: Click on the link below to pull up our online menu & place an order for tonight’s dinner

Step 3: Give yourself a pat on the back


5. Update your menu

Trial products and packages on Bopple such as ‘cook-at-home’ kits, cocktails, and pantry items to see what your customers respond to.

Differentiating your online menu to your in-house menu provides an added incentive to order online, growing your customer database.

Example social copy:

‘Can’t decide between pizza or pasta? Our NEW bundles are here with plenty of combos to choose from, available for takeaway or pickup – order yours online for dinner tonight via https://bopple.app/menu/1111